Phineas and ferb is a Tv show for children.It is about Phineas,the creative and intelligent one, Ferb,phineas's stepbrother the mechanic,Candace,phineas's grumpy sister and ferb's stepsister and their family who live in Danville.They also have a pet platypus called Perry,which actually is a secret agent for his evil nemisis Dr.Heinz Doofensmirtz who is the head of doofensmirtz evil inc..Doof is not really evil but he just thinks his schemes are evil.Phineas is 10 years old and Ferb is 11 yearsb old and their sister Candace is 15 years old.Ferb is actually from england. The story actually is that ferb and his father Lawrence were left alone after his wife had died.Phineas,his sister candace and their mom Lindana were left alone after her husband died.After that ferb and his father had moved to the USA.their Lawrence met Linda and they both got married.Phineas and Ferb are always building extraordinary things like Rollecoasters, Minnature golf parks and travelling in time with their freinds.Some of their friends are- Baljeet,Buford and Isabella,who has a crush on Phineas.Ferbt too has a crush on Doof's Daughter,Vanessa.Phineas's sister Candace always thinks about busting both Phineas and ferb for their inventions.Candace has a crush on a young teen called Jeremy.This is about Phineas and ferb.

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